27 01 2010

raat ka andhera tha nazar tu mujhko aaya na
ab tu hi bata kya karun bahana yeh mujhko jo bhaya na

bhala nazrein mila kar yun zara hichkicha kar yun
anayat kar kay woh chupchupati jhalak

har ik ko pata tha kahan mein khara tha
mein kaisay yeh manoon saya mera tujh pay na para tha

na dekha jo tu nay yeh khata thi teri ya thi teri raza
zarab jo lagi hay seenay pay meray yeh tujhko pata hai

woh ghairon ki khatir tera khilkhilakar muskurana
rangon ki mehfil mein yun achanak kho jaana

chandani raat mein mera teray peechay aana
woh sab theek hay par yeh tera bahana?

har ghari us raat mein kashmukash mein raha
dil mera tha kahan aur jism mera tha kahan

raat ko kissi mehfil mein ab na jaaon ga mein
yeh behana tera har kissi ko bataon ga mein!



27 01 2010

Refreshed and remembered my wounds hurt a lot
And silent I am no more, in pain I cry a lot
Bane of my existence they are but my sorrows have left me not
In life without you I see death, but darling you see it not

Awake in my bed I lie lonely every single summer night
My mind is lost in your memories, though you’re not in my sight
An image of you that I’ve created I see forever nice and bright
Nothing else in life will I strive so much for, struggle though I might

Zealous about your love I once was, dying I am today
Only the heartbeats remain in me and they’re what I obey
Obvious though my direction once was, now I fear going astray
Randomly I poke around, wondering, to find you there must be a way

Crying along these dirt roads, behind me I leave a tearful trail
Hoping one day you will see the difference and on my way you will sail
And in search of my love one day, you will come and lift this veil
Under which you will find my heart and this little love tale

Death shall not then be able to take life away from me
Hardships will be over and over will this struggle be
Raised my head shall remain then for all eternity
Years of wondering, then I’ll know, you too had loved me!

In Death

27 01 2010

I think a lot of you this February
I miss the music in your voice
I seek the light you had once shown
I run after your shadow, O Darling mine
I build a city in my dreams
I lift my self in it up so high
I look for none but your lovely hand
I begin to move mine to touch it
I have to say I’m in love again
I have left the world just for you
I want to know if this is the end
I want to know if you will be back

Life's too short…

27 01 2010

I think of you as a part of myself
I know not though what’s it you think
I cannot read it for you hide it so well
Would you open your eyes and let me sink
in the ocean of thoughts that you swim in?
Life is too short, so don’t delay.

I am so confused and I try to avoid
a question, a question that is about you.
I want an answer today but I have no hint
nor do you give me any clue.
Are you there, can you see me?
Life is too short, so don’t delay.

I sweep the trail on which you walked
I collect the dust you left behind
and sift through it to find you, to
find what you have on your mind.
Will you turn and let me know?
Life is too short, so don’t delay.

I think you are busy, for you move away
every time I try to stop you,
you turn for sure but not to me.
I want you to say what bad I do.
Will you spare a minute and answer?
Life is too short, so don’t delay.

I am drenched waiting at the bus stop
I’ve been waiting in the rain for you,
now I am feeling cold.
Are you cold, can you feel it too…
Tell me, are these feelings mutual?
Life’s too short, so don’t delay.

I am being taken good care of
here at the hospital where I am.
But I can’t trust life today
and I can’t trust you, betrayed as I am.
Tell me, should I wait or go to bed?
Life’s too short, so don’t delay!

I am about to leave now
the plane is ready to go.
I am still not sure, never will be
But today, I want to know.
Tell me, should I disclose the secrets?
Life’s too short, so don’t delay!

You were so busy you said
and thought I had nothing to do.
It was your failed understanding,
I was dedicating my life to you.
Tell me, do you still think that?
Life’s too short, so don’t delay!

You wave to me at the last moment
Life’s too short, you blink, it’s gone
I see my destiny through watery eyes
I dare not blink, I just move on.
Tell me, hadn’t I risked enough blinks for you?
Then…. why do you come here today?
Life’s too short, I cannot stay…