The Suicide Bomber

27 01 2010

Rising early in the morning, he grabs his gun
and heads towards the bunker where his friends are.
Believing, believing more than ever that he is right
in his fight and believing more than ever that he will win.

Around him there is a lifeless silent desert. But the
morning silence is broken soon by roaring jets
and exploding bombs, he must run under the shelter
not to be seen by the enemies of his faith.

Zeroing in on the mountainous terrain the jets return;
only this time they strike with a greater accuracy and
other than him, all are killed, he too is hit, but his wish for
revenge gains strength from the pain of his wounds.

Careful not to make any rapid movements
he hurries back to the look out and sees,
and sees what he believes, what he believes so strongly.
Under the torn rocks he sees camouflaged ‘falsehood’.

Deciding he must do it and bear it no more,
he straps around his waist enough explosives to
rip apart every single man out there in the enemy camp.
Young and strong he gets there in a day…

It is in his brain… the hesitation… the fear… and death
lurking in the desert rocks around him, looking for him…
or maybe it is looking for the others, he thinks
very confident about what he believes, for he believes he’s right.

Eventually he starts moving again, moving towards the human voices…
Yet he thinks not of them as humans and he pulls the string.
One moment and then it is all gone, he dies without pain, for
until his death, he believed, believed so strongly that he was right.