27 01 2010
rub rub rub rub kardi rawein
aye hoyi gal har pal kehndi rawein
betha kay kar chay minu aap tu kithay gaya
umr aapni inj lagaandi rawein
har tarkay kukr di baand day utay
mudh buhay day bethi rawein
na dikhay koi dhund chay banda pawein
zid aapni tay tu ari rawein
wah ji wah ki ishaq day kehnay
rakh kay girwi hun saaray gehnay
chal payein shehr nu kali tun
wichkar sarak day paya si kaka
hilda hulda hun nahin si oh
dawawan mang mang si hoyi sadai
rab noo hun puchin aye hoya inj kyun
ya ishq mera si chootha ya fay chootha ayein tun


27 01 2010

Like a mountain laurel…

Like a mountain-laurel
that’s white as the snow
that does not fail to fall
even as spring threatens
its existence
in the warmth of April

Like a mountain-laurel
with captivating beauty
that hypnotizes the bee
that settles on it to suck
the nectar
that it generously offers

Like a mountain-laurel
that dares to look wind
in the eyes so that it can
open up and sway with
the rhythm
that it has come to love

Like a mountain-laurel
that stands tall to give
the young buds news of
the beautiful world they
live in
so they long to grow tall

Like a mountain-laurel
turning to small brown
bags that glide down to
ground to let the buds
be higher,
look down, and love…

This poem was written in the loving memory of Zaheer Asif, my maternal uncle who passed away on April 4th, 2004.


27 01 2010

Refreshed and remembered my wounds hurt a lot
And silent I am no more, in pain I cry a lot
Bane of my existence they are but my sorrows have left me not
In life without you I see death, but darling you see it not

Awake in my bed I lie lonely every single summer night
My mind is lost in your memories, though you’re not in my sight
An image of you that I’ve created I see forever nice and bright
Nothing else in life will I strive so much for, struggle though I might

Zealous about your love I once was, dying I am today
Only the heartbeats remain in me and they’re what I obey
Obvious though my direction once was, now I fear going astray
Randomly I poke around, wondering, to find you there must be a way

Crying along these dirt roads, behind me I leave a tearful trail
Hoping one day you will see the difference and on my way you will sail
And in search of my love one day, you will come and lift this veil
Under which you will find my heart and this little love tale

Death shall not then be able to take life away from me
Hardships will be over and over will this struggle be
Raised my head shall remain then for all eternity
Years of wondering, then I’ll know, you too had loved me!

The Suicide Bomber

27 01 2010

Rising early in the morning, he grabs his gun
and heads towards the bunker where his friends are.
Believing, believing more than ever that he is right
in his fight and believing more than ever that he will win.

Around him there is a lifeless silent desert. But the
morning silence is broken soon by roaring jets
and exploding bombs, he must run under the shelter
not to be seen by the enemies of his faith.

Zeroing in on the mountainous terrain the jets return;
only this time they strike with a greater accuracy and
other than him, all are killed, he too is hit, but his wish for
revenge gains strength from the pain of his wounds.

Careful not to make any rapid movements
he hurries back to the look out and sees,
and sees what he believes, what he believes so strongly.
Under the torn rocks he sees camouflaged ‘falsehood’.

Deciding he must do it and bear it no more,
he straps around his waist enough explosives to
rip apart every single man out there in the enemy camp.
Young and strong he gets there in a day…

It is in his brain… the hesitation… the fear… and death
lurking in the desert rocks around him, looking for him…
or maybe it is looking for the others, he thinks
very confident about what he believes, for he believes he’s right.

Eventually he starts moving again, moving towards the human voices…
Yet he thinks not of them as humans and he pulls the string.
One moment and then it is all gone, he dies without pain, for
until his death, he believed, believed so strongly that he was right.

In Death

27 01 2010

I think a lot of you this February
I miss the music in your voice
I seek the light you had once shown
I run after your shadow, O Darling mine
I build a city in my dreams
I lift my self in it up so high
I look for none but your lovely hand
I begin to move mine to touch it
I have to say I’m in love again
I have left the world just for you
I want to know if this is the end
I want to know if you will be back