Ain't like a bitch…

27 01 2010

The sun hasn’t set yet
but father’s back from his niche,
he shouts through the open door
‘get your ass here, bitch!’

‘Hurry up now,
we have a guest today’
she thinks to herself, ‘must
be a pimp coming this way’

He tells her to greet
the fat old man
and bring in for him
the best food she can

she says not a word
for she’s used to this
she’s the sole breadwinner,
she has the priciest kiss

she brings in the food
and sets down the tray.
‘O Queen of Tanbazar*,
What do you say?

Nazu’s now a teen
she’s ripe and ready to go,
I’m happy with the price,
just let her know’

I cannot believe it,
my heart skips a beat,
I can’t even feel
the floor under my feet.

I had feared this day
throughout my life
I’d known I’d be sold
as some pimp’s ‘wife’

I shall be presented
in a red wedding dress
not to one, but to all willing
to make love and caress.

I will lose my virginity
I will lose my pride
in the middle of Tanbazar
with no place to hide.

They’ll leave me there
my initiation complete
the band will take me in
for the ultimate treat.

The pimp will carry
my nude picture around
charging thousand Takkas
for every sex-round

I will never bear it!
I’d rather end my life
I can hang with the fan
or just use a knife

I have good reason
to make the noose.
I pull it round my neck
but it’s still loose

Ma, comes into the room
and shouts at me
to step off the chair
on the count of three.

I warn her to stand still,
to stay away from me,
for the result won’t be good
as she’ll soon see.

‘You have a life ahead,
you are just thirteen.
We’ll both go to hell,
so don’t be mean!’

I want to know who said it,
which prophet or angel?
That ‘marry’ your daughters
or you’ll end up in hell

Was he so short on
good words to use?
Or had he intended for women
sexual abuse?

‘Ma, why don’t you go
let him cool your itch!?
I just want to die
for I ain’t like a bitch!’

*- Tanbazar, literally ‘the body bazaar’, is the oldest and largest red-light area in Bangladesh.