27 01 2010

Refreshed and remembered my wounds hurt a lot
And silent I am no more, in pain I cry a lot
Bane of my existence they are but my sorrows have left me not
In life without you I see death, but darling you see it not

Awake in my bed I lie lonely every single summer night
My mind is lost in your memories, though you’re not in my sight
An image of you that I’ve created I see forever nice and bright
Nothing else in life will I strive so much for, struggle though I might

Zealous about your love I once was, dying I am today
Only the heartbeats remain in me and they’re what I obey
Obvious though my direction once was, now I fear going astray
Randomly I poke around, wondering, to find you there must be a way

Crying along these dirt roads, behind me I leave a tearful trail
Hoping one day you will see the difference and on my way you will sail
And in search of my love one day, you will come and lift this veil
Under which you will find my heart and this little love tale

Death shall not then be able to take life away from me
Hardships will be over and over will this struggle be
Raised my head shall remain then for all eternity
Years of wondering, then I’ll know, you too had loved me!




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